Large Agriculture Map

Agricultural Lands

The town of Enosburgh has significant agricultural potential within the town. The NRCS soil survey indicates that approximately 8,776 acres of primary agricultural soils exist in the town. Landsat Satellite Imagery shows approximately 6,800 acres of active farmland (hay, pasture, row crop, or other agriculture) throughout the town.

The agricultural potential identified through map analysis and orthophoto review corresponds with the developed road network in town, with little potential farmland present in areas distant from the main roads. The main corridors of active farmland occur along Route 105 and the Missisquoi River in the northern part of town; along Perley, Nichols, Horseshoe and Sand Hill Roads in the eastern portion of town; along Boston Post and Grange Hall Roads in the central portion of town; and along Howrigan, Tyler Branch and Route 108 roads in the western portion of town.

An agricultural overlay zone was developed as a result of identification of the major agricultural corridors from available map, photo and database review and discussions with the Conservation Commission. The zone includes areas of active farmland and potentially viable farmland. The agricultural zone encompasses an area of approximately 5,700 acres. See attached Agricultural Lands inventory map for overlay zone boundaries.

Once the agricultural lands and proposed overlay district were identified, specific zoning provisions were developed to protect the long-term viability and availability of productive farmland in the town for agricultural use. A specific agricultural overlay zoning district with recommended zoning restrictions is outlined in Section 6.1 of this report.