Town of Enosburgh, Vermont

Town Clerk: (802)933-4421
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 3:30pm

Open Space and Natural Resource Assessment

In 2003 Arrowwood Environmental, LLC was retained by the Enosburgh Conservation and Planning Commissions to conduct an open space and natural resources inventory for the town of Enosburgh.

The project had four primary tasks:

The project was conducted over a twelve-month period from March 2003 through March 2004. This report documents the findings of Tasks 1 and 4. Tasks 2 and 3 were conducted by the Office of Robert White, and the report for these tasks is provided separately.

The complete report, as provided by Arrowwood Environmental, includes the report in MS Word format, all images, GIS data, and a simple Geographic Information System(GIS) viewer for Windows can be downloaded here.

Notes on Viewing the Report Information

You can enlarge the report images and view the report to learn about the essential information it contains.
Viewing the report information offline is also possible by downloading the report and images in a zip file as follows:
Better GIS viewing tools are available today than the simple tool included with the report.
We have created project files and instructions for these: