Town of Enosburgh, Vermont

Town Clerk: (802)933-4421
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 3:30pm

Using ArcExplorer Java Edition for Education

1) First, go here, download and install the appropriate Windows or MacIntosh version. Install the software in the default location on your machine to avoid having to edit the project files provided by us.

2) Next, download the appropriate GIS data file for your computer.
3) Next, unzip the GIS data file into the proper location on your computer.
4) Note: When set up properly there will be a folder named "Enosburgh GIS Data" in: "Macintosh HD/ESRI/JEJEE/Data" on Macs and in "C:\ESRI\JEJEE\Data" on Windows machines.

5) After invoking the JEJEE program click on the "Open" folder icon. An "Open File Dialog" will appear with the contents of the "Data" folder shown. Click on the "Enosburgh GIS Data" folder and navigate to the bottom of either the "Conservation Commission" or the "Planning Commission" file structure until you get to the actual GIS data. You're looking for ".axl" or project files. There are three of them as follows:
6) After opening a project file you will see something similar to this example taken from the "EnosburghZoningMaps.axl" project file.

ArcExplorer Example of "EnosburghZoningMaps.axl"
Click to Enlarge

7) In the "Data/Lessions" directory you'll find a ".PDF" file with information on how to zoom to different map views, hide map layers, measure distances, and other common GIS data viewing tasks.