Town of Enosburgh, Vermont

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Using the Vermont Interactive Map Viewer

1) Download the Agriculture, Wetland, and Wildlife Maps from the 2005 Open Space and Natural Resource Assessment Report. Save it to your desktop or another convenient location on your local machine. Remember the location and file name, you'll need to find the file again.

2) Make sure your browser has "pop-up" windows enabled. Don't worry, it's easy to disable them again after using the map viewer.

3) Go to the Vermont Interactive Map Viewer launch page here. If your browser pop-up windows aren't properly enabled you will see a message in the top lefthand screen area telling you to enabling them. There is also a button for testing your pop-up windows in case you're using trial and error to enable them. Near the bottom of the page you will find a link to a tutorial on the map viewer it's probably a good idea to work through this tutorial because ... well ... just because it is a good idea.

4) After reading about the capabilities of the Interactive Map Viewer click on the "Click to Launch Map Viewer" link. You will see this in the top left part of the screen ... then:

after clicking on the Red Toolbox the screen will change, after which you should:

After clicking on the "Open Project" folder navigate to the file you downloaded in step 1. In the Open File Dialog Box press the "Open" button. This will return you to the Map Viewer screen where you must press the "Open Session" button on the right side of the screen. Yes, you really must press both "Open" buttons.
Depending on the speed of your Internet connection this could take some time. My satellite dish connection takes about 2 minutes. It's very useable with a DSL or a cable connection but, don't even attempt using the map viewer with a dial-up connection.

Here's what you will see. A few helpful notes were added to get you started. Click the image to enlarge it.
Click to enlarge.

There's no denying that the Vermont Interactive Map Viewer is a tad quirky but with practice it becomes an extremely useful tool as the zoom example below shows.
Zoom Example

When you zoom in close enough the imagery shows features as small as 1/3 meter or about one foot. These are Light Detection and Ranging(LIDAR) images from the 2008 Vermont / Canadian Border flyover.

Have fun exploring the capabilities of the Vermont Interactive Map Viewer.