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The Importance of Wildlife and their Habitat

Picture of Howrigan Road Barn
Howrigan Road Barn (Cathy Emch)

The wildlife of our region serve as a natural indicator of the health of our forest ecosystems. When wide-ranging mammal species such as bear and moose are abundant and vigorous, then their needs for food, shelter and large, undeveloped home territories are being met. At the same time, the large forest blocks that sustain them also supports our rural economy, produces clean and clear water for our communities, and maintains the natural beauty that defines the place we call home.

Connectivity between Unfragmented Forest Blocks

For animals bigger is better. the larger the unfragmented forest block the greater chance it can support the widest diversity of wildlife species. It is important to maintain blocks of forest land that are intact. But bigger is not always possible. In our lived-in landscape, large blocks of forest are becoming increasingly rare, as they become fragmented by development and roads. That is where the connecting landscape comes in. If there are ways for animals to move across the landscape from one forest block to another distinct populations can continue to mix keeping the overall population healthy.