Town of Enosburgh, Vermont

Town Clerk: (802)933-4421
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 3:30pm

Zoning Information

Picture of Howrigan Road Barn
Howrigan Road Barn (Cathy Emch)

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday 8am - 3pm

Late night and early morning hours are available by appointment.

Zoning Administrator:

Jesse Woods
Phone: (802)933-4409
Email: zoning@enosburghvt.org


The Zoning office is responsible for administering the Town of Enosburgh Development Bylaw as well as the Enosburg Falls Village Land Use and Development Regulations. The Bylaws and Regulations are adopted by your municipality to regulate land development and land use, among other things. The Zoning Administrator is available to the public to answer questions, to provide procedural assistance and the necessary forms relating to land use and development. The application process can be a arduous experience taking several months or longer to complete. Applicants are encouraged to begin the application process several months in advance of the desired completion date. Additionally, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a professional licensed engineer, land surveyor, etc, before beginning a development process that you are unfamiliar with. The responsibilities of the Zoning Administrator extends only to administering the Regulations and procedural guidance. Please contact the Zoning office before beginning a project to ensure that your project is an allowed use in your specific Zoning District.

The following are examples of when you need a permit:
-opening a business
-demolishing a structure/building -erecting a sign
-constructing a building or addition
-home business (including a daycare)
-temporary signage for events, etc.
-subdivision/boundary line adjustments
-changing the use of a commercial space from one type of business to another

Village Regulations

2018 Village Regulations

Zoning Bylaws

Town of Enosburgh Development Bylaw

Zoning Map


Application for a Zoning Permit

Sign Application

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Development Review Board

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